Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Gold Award #2 - WM8C's Heavently Hamsite Award

My #2 Gold Award.
Here is email from Todd WM8C to me on Dec 7, 2010 0637 UTC.

Hi Hussairy,

Thanks for your interest in and submittal for the WM8C's Ham Radio Site Award.  Drum roll please...your site has qualified for an award!

After reviewing your site against the awards criteria, it was found to excel in many areas.  I especially like the personal touch I found on your site and the content is very rich and original.  It is with great pride that I award to your site the award you requested and will find attached to this email.

You will find yourself listed on the winners page within the next 2 days and while not required, a link back from your award to my site is greatly appreciated.

Congratulations on winning this award and the success your site has seen! 
Warm Regards & 73,
WM8C's Ham Links